That Girl…

Another great post by the guys at precision nutrition here. I actually think their blog might be the most sensible blog out there. Well actually I dont know because the internet is a vast infinity of blogs but from what I’ve seen its the best. You know I actually once was that girl! Not the defined waist and styled hair so much as the having it together part. Before I went back to work after a 3 year stint in Thailand I had a random thought one day along the lines of “I want to be admired you know, I want to be known as that girl who always brings her lunch to work and works out before work and eats really healthily”. And  I was! A few months in a colleague said to me “I was thinkig about going to a nutrionist but then I thought why bother when I have you, I’ll just copy everything you eat, youre the most healthy person I know!”

ah Happy Days…

Now Im not that girl. But I want to be again. You know what my problem is at the moment – every spare minute I have, every nap time, every post-bed time, whatever…I just want to read and day dream. I read and day dream about how amazingly together I will be just as soon as I have time because currently I use all spare time to day dream about what I would do if I had spare time! Agghhhhh!!!!

Yesterday I commented on a blog post about time tracking saying that I needed to be more disciplined about using my time. The lady suggested I find a cue to exercise such as as soon as the kids nap that I immediately go and do it. But finding time isnt the issue. Its finding the will to do it. Day dreaming and reading about doing it is waaaaaay better fun. If ever there was a case to prove that anticipation of the event  is better than the actual event this would be it!

Anyway there have been worse times in my life. Now life is quite easy breezy. Apart from moments that require all the patients of ALL the Saints and not just one with the kids, its mostly fine. But I need to start taking more action and stop day dreaming…



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