About Me

My name is Carol and I’m a recovering information addict. Some people say ignorance is bliss but I was always on team “information is power”. However in recent months, maybe even a year, my passion for gobbling down as much nutritional, diet, paleo, ayurvedic, sugar, crossfit, primal..etc…information kind of led me to a place of paralysis where I’d find myself completely incapable of making a decision on what to eat or which exercise to do as I processed the pros and cons of every option in my head. When I started to deal with this by eating 100gr bars of chocolate I knew I had to take action.

Of all the theories personalities and blogs out there the one I’ve systematically come back to each time is Marks Daily Apple. So I decided I was going to go Primal. I kind of always have been to varying degrees. Sometimes on an 80:20 ratio and sometimes, like my 4 years in college, a 0.5:99.5 ratio 😄 . The main  reason that I sort of lost my way was that I had 2 children in 2 years. The youngest is now 8 months old. When my first child was born I decided I was going to stay at home with him full time and before I knew it I was pregnant again. This was all thrilling and Im delighted with my decision to stay at home but transitioning from working full time in an advertising agency with projects and colleagues, deadlines and pitches to staying home all day with a baby to care for and breastfeed, no other adults to speak to and  (critically) no support system was tough. A lot of my previous good habits had been formed within the framework of a full time job. Its a lot easier not to eat chocolate when youre distracted by an immovable deadline than it is to refrain when sitting at home on the carpet staring at a cute baby. I also felt suddenly that there was a lot more pressure. It was no longer just about weight and fitting into skinny jeans. Now I was responsible for this little baby and as I was breastfeeding what I ate did actually affect him directly. Ironically the stress of it led to some major chocolate binges.

Anyway between the jigs and the reels, the more information I learned the less I was able to adhere to it. In Jan of this year (2016) I moved country and decided that this was the perfect time to reassess and get back on track.

This is my primal blog chartering the highs and lows…and very lows…and sometimes very highs…of Primal living.


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